Writing Tools for Students To Become a Better Writer

Writing is the principal pastime of being a student. There is a never-ending list of essays, assignments, or narratives. Writing, however, is not for everyone. Not everyone has the ability to sit down and have the words flow coherently, to form a great piece of writing.

Software developers have, therefore, come up with an assortment of tools to help us along. If you want to know how to become a better writer, then you must have these tools in your system.

So, what are some of these tools? Let’s take a look:

Word Counter is the perfect tool to help students track how many times a specific word has been used in a document. We often overuse certain words or phrases without realizing it. This tool will help combat that.

Language Tool is handy for picking up unnoticed errors, including syntax, spelling, and grammatical errors.

Google Docs is a free web-based, collaborative word processor, spreadsheet, and form application that allows students to create and edit documents in real-time.

Freedom is an excellent tool to assist students in staying focused on the task at hand. It limits the amount of time spent on time-wasting websites.

MindMup is of huge help for students who can develop inspired concepts and the know-how to research them but struggle to carry through to completion. This tool helps them to keep their thoughts and ideas organized.

Readable can be used to ensure the article’s readability is well suited to the level of education for which the paper is being written.

Grammarly is an online tool that can be used to find and highlight spelling and grammatical errors.

ReadWriteThink is a multi-faceted application that offers tools for all three functions suggested in its name. It is beneficial at the high school level, offering interactive online tools to help with writing business letters and template creation.

Cliché Finder will help writers find all clichés in a document, making or breaking the article. When correctly used, clichés can add to an article, but glib overuse can completely ruin it.

These tools are invaluable for saving time and minimizing both grammatical and spelling errors. They are also instrumental in eradicating plagiarism and alerting the writer to the inappropriate use of clichés.

In this day and age, when students are under more pressure than ever to perform, these tools can be invaluable in ensuring quality documents and articles the first time.