Getting a College Degree: Is It Worth Getting or Not?

In a world where you can access everything in one simple click, you can no longer rely on your college degree alone. Many people are starting to upgrade their skills by enrolling themselves in several short courses related to the job they wish to apply for. These days, getting a college degree is still a must because it is the basic requirement in applying for a career in elite industries and promotion purposes. However, it is not enough.

A college degree nowadays can’t guarantee you that you will land your dream job and get the salary you always wanted. If you’re going to get the attention of employers, you have to add other skills in your portfolio to make it attention-grabbing to your potential employer.

Most companies nowadays do not look only at your highest educational attainment or your GPA. What is important to them are your outputs that can contribute to the development of the company. It’s more on skills than what you finish, but at least you must be equipped with proper education to be an asset to your company and not a liability.

If you are reading this, you probably think of what program you should enroll in to get a college degree. This post doesn’t mean that you should not go to college. Instead, this is an encouragement to go to college, BUT you have to think things through before enrolling because what you will be investing in this chapter of your life are time and effort. And this is something that cannot be taken back.

So what should you consider getting a college degree these days? These are:

Your passion

Your passion for anything will be your foundation to stay sharp over the years of attending college. It will motivate you to finish your degree and be great in your chosen discipline. Please don’t pick a degree because your friends are taking it. Choose a path where you can be yourself and be productive. You have to ask yourself that if in the next 5, 10, 15, or more years, will you still practice the same discipline?

The earning potential

In choosing a degree for college, you have to be realistic and practical. If you aim to be rich, then choose a degree that will give you a big salary when you get employed. Look for a degree that can be in demand by the time you graduate so that applying will not be that tough.

The cost of attending college

You have to be practical in choosing the college where you will attend. Make a comparison across the many colleges and universities that offer the same program you want to attend. Take into consideration the distance, the school fees, and the nearby facilities surrounding the college, state universities, or universities you will enroll.

Determine how are you going to pay for your college and other fees

This is important because the possibility of finishing your degree depends on how much and till when can you finance yourself all the way through college. You have to think of budgeting and means of earning extra to stay in college and get a degree.