Essay Writing Tips For Young Writers

Essay writing can be a daunting task if you’re not in the mood for writing or not confident with your writing skills. Writing an essay does not have to be tedious and long. A five sentence paragraph for someone who is starting to write their first composition is enough to help them get acquainted with writing. All you need is to master them the basic rules of grammar and correct their spellings.

For a young kid to learn how to write compositions, it may seem too early. But do you know that the writing process is linked to learning? According to hundreds of studies about teaching kids to write, developing a habit of writing improves and enhances the kids’ learning because it makes the kids think and process ideas on what they should draft based on what they had learned. So as you write, you also learn.

If you ask yourself who can make my essay? Here are some helpful essay writing tips that will enable you to write effective but concise papers.

  1. Explore your interest.
    Writing is exciting if you will be writing about what interests you the most. Is it the latest toy? A favorite show or character? About your cute puppy? A holiday with your family? Any topic is possible for essay writing. Pick an issue to write but be strict when it comes to following an outline. In this way, you will be practiced in writing an essay by structure while expressing your interest.
  2. Brainstorm on the topic you want to write
    Brainstorming is helpful for the pre-writing process. It allows them to know how much they understand a particular issue. What you need to do is to write every idea that comes in your mind whenever you think about the topic. After that, identify the ideas that are relevant to your subject and omit the others that do not bear any significance.
  3. Read materials that are relevant to your topic.
    Reading helps a lot in the writing process. It expands your vocabulary and your knowledge about the topic you wish to write. While you’re at it, it’s a good learning process to keep notes about the new things you have learned or the new words you have learned from reading. In this way, when you start writing, you can use it properly.
  4. Practice makes you a better writer
    Practicing to write essays do not have to be annoying or forceful. You can write whenever you feel writing. Write anything that sparks your interest in a journal so that when you read your notes, you will be able to see how much you have improved from constant writing and reading.

These are some of the critical essay writing tips as a budding young essayist. There’s no perfect formula to become the best writer overnight. To become a good writer, it comes with making a habit to read and passion for writing to be able to express yourself.