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Prophecies Come To Pass

Prophecies Come To Pass

NEW YORK: Prophecies Come to Pass, a live recording of Sabir Mateen's compositions by his band, The Shapes, Textures and Sound Ensemble, has been released on 577 Records.

Recorded at Zebulon, Brooklyn, New York
Total CD time 72:41
Catalogue number 577-7


  • Sabir Mateen: tenor and alto saxophones, flute, clarinets
  • Matt Lavelle: trumpet, pocket trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet
  • Steve Swell: trombone; Matthew Heyner: bass
  • Michael T.A. Thompson: drums and percussion

Track list:

  1. Sekasso Blues
  2. The Beauty Within
  3. Everyone's Got Something to Say
  4. Prophecies Come to Pass
  5. Sentimentally
  6. Children of the Creator

Released: 2006
Label: 577 Records

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