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Sabir Mateen Trio - Divine Mad Love

Sabir Mateen Trio - Divine Mad Love

02 February 1997, PBS Studios, Westwood MA
producer: Michael Ehlers
engineer: Peter Kontrimas
photography: Lila Lee & Charles Gross
Liner Notes: Steve Dalachinsky

multi-instrumentalist mateen (alto, tenor, clarinet, flute) made his recording debut with horace tapscott's pan african people's arkestra over two decades ago. after years of heavy dues paying, mateen is now a luminous presence on the american improvised music scene, as part of TEST, tenor rising, sunny murray's bands, the raphe malik quartet, william parker's little huey creative music orchestra, and other free-blowing enterprises. laurence cook and john voigt forged their concepts in the more arcane vein of the free jazz universe: lowell davidson, alan silva, bill dixon.


  • Bass - John Voigt
  • Percussion - Lawrence Cook
  • Saxophone - Sabir Mateen

Track list:

  1. Glory & Praise To The Most High
  2. Checking In With Yourself
  3. Conversation/Lunch Before Departure
  4. Running Into The Truth (..)
  5. Illuminations Flute
  6. Divine Mad Love
  7. Illuminations Bass
  8. Illuminations Drums
  9. WhyDidJaDolt?

Released: 1997
Label: Eremite Records

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