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Sun Xing - Ben Karetnick & Sabir Mateen

Sun Xing - Ben Karetnick & Sabir Mateen

Recorded live in Rochester, New York in December 200Q, Sun Xing is the debut collaboration between master reedsman Sabir Mateen and percussionist Ben Karetnick. Mateen has been at the forefront of the New York improvised for over a decade working with TEST, Raphe Malik, One World Ensemble as well as recording with such acts as Sunny Murray, No Neck Blues Band and Yo La Tengo. Prior to coming to New York, Mateen was a longtime member of Horace Tapscot's Pan-African People's Arkestra in Los Angeles. On Sun Xing, Mateen is captured in top form effortlessly switching horns -- tenor and alto sax, two clarinets and flute not to mention some vocals. Karetnick is a leading contributor to the emerging Western Massachusetts improv scene and has studied with Susie Ibarra, Andrew Cyrille and Barry Altschui. Sun Xing marks the debut CD recording of this fantastic new drummer.


  • Sabir Mateen - reeds
  • Ben Karetnick - percussion

Track list:

  1. Mood 1
  2. Mood 2
  3. Mood 3
  4. Mood 4
  5. Mood 5
  6. Phase 1
  7. Phase 2
  8. Phase 3
  9. Phase 4
  10. Phase 5

Released: 2001
Label: JMZ Records

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