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Not On Earth ... In Your Soul!

Not On Earth ... In Your Soul!

A boisterous live set from Andrew Barker, Daniel Carter, and Sabir Mateen, recorded in Atlanta on May 3, 2002. The band members have played together in plenty of other outfits (Carter and Mateen are frequent collaborators, most prominently in Test, Barker and Carter have a duo record on Qbico, Mateen and Barker both play in William Parker's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, etc.), and everyone sounds on sure footing here. The second side of the LP is especially lively, complete with some rambunctious vocals that would probably appeal to fans of Sabir Mateen's LP with Matthew Heyner and David Nuss (Light Comes from the Front  on s@1), or Test's "what R U going 2 due?!" from their CD on AUM Fidelity. This is a limited edition Italian import LP, pressed up on smoke-colored vinyl. Beautiful cover photo, too. We've got only a couple copies in stock.


  • Andrew Barker,
  • Daniel Carter,
  • Sabir Mateen

Track list:

  1. Not On Earth ...
  2. In Your Soul!

Released: 2005
Label: Qbico #52, Italy, Vinyl, LP, Album

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