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Test - AUM Fidelity

Test - AUM Fidelity

All compositions by TEST,
New York City Artists Cooperative Music (BMI) © 1998
p+c 1999 AUM Fidelity

This is one of three records released by the group in 1999 (their debuts), and the one which I feel best showcases the utterly coherent group concept of TEST. Studio for clarity; open windows on dynamic range.

This record was recorded at AUM Hi-Q (the first session done here) - a full 5 stories into the light and above the 'F' train platform below; another masterful document of the intensity and beauty which exists in the NYC of NOW. It is re-assuring how the sun rises somewhere every day. -SJ


  • Tom Bruno: drums
  • Sabir Mateen: alto+tenor sax, flute, clarinet
  • Daniel Carter: alto+tenor sax, .trumpet, flute
  • Matthew Heyner: bass

Track list:

  1. huhuhuH (nite sounds on 5th)
  2. Straightahead, forward motion
  3. Alen's flight preparation
  4. Bustin' outta de Chamber
  5. what R U going 2 due?!

Released: 1998
Label: AUM Fidelity

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