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Wire magazine records of the year 2000, jazz

This quartet seem ready to spearhead a back-to-the-roots exercise in New York free jazz, playing long & loud (though not unlyrical) sets of unfettered improvisation. The notes to the AUM Fidelity disc release suggest that TEST can be heard at the corner of 57th & 5th, & they've also been known to do subway gigs; this is classic street music: tough, sweepingly passionate, but informed & articulate playing. The Eremite disc has one long set from Baltimore & a brief postscript for a Boston show which is a riotous coda to the disc. Rough, live sound, but the spirit is unquenchable & there is some feelingful & exciting interplay among the four players, each of whom suggests that he has a good grasp of long form improvising.

-- Richard Cook & Brian Morton, The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings

unedited concert recordings from TEST's 1998 USA tour
producer: Michael Ehlers
engineer: Eremite Mobile Unit
photography: Michael Ajerman
liner tanka: Byron Coley


  • Tom Bruno: drums
  • Daniel Carter: alto & tenor saxophones, flute, trumpet
  • Matthew Heyner: bass
  • Sabir Mateen: clarinet, alto & tenor saxophones, flute

Track list:

  1. baltimore 2 (54:10)
  2. boston 2 (12:30)

Released: 2000
Label: Eremite Records, MTE-21 CD

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