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  • Tom Bruno - Drums
  • Daniel Carter - Soprano, Alto & Tenor Saxophones, Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet
  • Matthew Heyner - Bass
  • Sabir Mateen - Alto & Tenor Saxophones, Flute, Piccolo Bb & Alto Clarinets

TEST, the great collective band was formed in 1992 by Tom Bruno, Daniel Carter and bassist Dan O’Brien. Sabir Mateen joined the band less than 3 months later after numerous attempts by Bruno when the band was first formed. O’Brien quit around the same time (he played with the band on numerous occasions before moving to the West Coast) and the three (Bruno, Carter, and Mateen) performed as a Trio with occasional bassists sitting in (Artie Johnson, David Colding, and "Pokie") until 1995 when Matthew Heyner joined the band (on the insistance of Carter and Mateen).

From the beginning the band had been performing in the streets and subways in N.Y. (with Tom, Daniel and Sabir performing solo for years. Bruno and Mateen has a standards band in the subway before TEST. The band had become somewhat of a tradition in the subway and one of the few bands to be playing "Avant-Garde" "Free-Jazz" or whatever you want to call it in the system and on the streets, in summer months.

TEST has performed all over the U.S. and is still looking for it’s first European performance, which the band believes will come soon. Despite what you hear, the band is still together after 18 years and even though we have our own bands or projects.


  1. LIVE/TEST, Eremite, CD, 1999
  2. Test AUM Fidelity, CD, 1999
  3. Test Ecstatic Peace! CD, 1999
  4. Test Ahead! NowJazz/Ramwong Ltd. LP, 1999

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