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The Sabir Mateen Ensemble

Formerly known as "The Sabir Quintet" and "The Sabir Mateen Quartet" this band was formed in 1998 and has played all over the U.S. and Canada. The band is looking for the first European Tour and has recorded as a Quintet.
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Sabir Mateen’s OMNI SOUND

Omni Sound was created in 2007 and presents another side of Sabir Mateen’s band concept. A concept derived from the dissolved (for now) Shapes, Textures and Sound Ensemble (could return at any time)The band is broken down from a Quintet to a Quartet.
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The E. 3rd St. Ensemble

The E. 3rd St. Ensemble has actually been around for the last 13 years basically rehearsing as a workshop band with founding members David Gould, Matthew Heyner, and Sabir Mateen rehearsing most Wednesday afternoons/evenings for 10 years.
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Trio Sabir

Created in 2006 with Jane Wang and Warren Smith, TRIO SABIR has played various venues throughout the planet.
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Sabir Mateen Jubilee Ensemble

The Jubilee Ensemble is an extension of the Sabir Mateen Ensemble. When possible (and the finances are correct) the ensemble expand to an Arkestra and is called Jubilee (for the joy of playing music and of life).
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TEST is a collective creative improvising quartet based out of the NYC Underground; figuratively and literally. They have performed on a weekly + basis since 1992 in the streets and subway stations of New York City.
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Juxtapositions is a mixture of musical cultures and sound in one sound. Basically Juxtapositions consists of myself (Sabir), Matthew (Bass), Masako (Cello) and Ravish (Percussion).
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